Find on our site a range of jewelry in stainless steel, a material known for its strength and shine which remains constant over time. Stainless steel jewelry does not darken in contact with water or at sea. Practical tip: to check if your jewelry is stainless steel, use a magnet. If the metal is not attracted, then your jewelry is stainless steel. We attach great importance to ensuring that our jewelry accompanies you at every moment of your life without hindering you, so that you can live intensely with them. We want our jewelry to be a symbol of your freedom and to accompany you in all circumstances.

Stainless steel is a water-resistant material, which makes it suitable for sea bathing and swimming in the pool, as long as it remains occasional. To extend the life of your stainless steel jewelry, it is recommended to store them in their bags when you are not wearing them, away from humidity. If you get them wet, be sure to dry them with a dry cloth. Avoid spraying perfume on it, as the alcohol in perfume can be corrosive and cause color loss.

Stainless steel is an anti-allergenic metal because it does not release nickel, unlike other metals. This characteristic makes it a non-irritating material for the skin.

In order to preserve your little lucky charms, it is important to avoid contact with corrosive or chemical products such as nail polish remover or bleach. If your jewelry accidentally comes into contact with one of these products, rinse it carefully with clean water before wiping it with a soft cloth. When you are not wearing your jewelry, remember to store it in its individual pouch to protect it from humidity and intense heat. Depending on the condition of your jewelry, several tips can help you keep it in good condition. If your jewelry is slightly tarnished, you can gently rub its surface with a soft cloth or silk cloth. For more oxidized jewelry, clean it with clear lukewarm water using regular movements in the same direction.

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