Thanks To A Sudden Gust of Wind, Tea Was Born in China Ages Ago- A Legend

Some drink tea to boost brain power, while some others to simply soothe their entire being after a tiresome day. Some also sip into this heavenly beverage to reap its multiple health benefits. And thanks to its never-ending list of advantages, it is today the second most consumed drink of the world. When a drink has so much to offer us, doesn’t it also make sense to know a little bit about its roots?

The story of how the unanimously loved drink came into existence begins in China, in about 2737 BC. Interestingly enough, tea was not a result of an articulately conceived recipe, but an accidental discovery by the Chinese emperor and herbalist, Shennong.

It is said that Shennong preferred his drinking water boiled, so that it would be free from all the impurities. And hence, his servants always boiled the water before giving it to the emperor. One time though, Shennong was travelling with his troop to a distant region when they stopped to rest for a while. The emperor rested under a tree while one of his servants boiled water for him. When the water was put to boil, a dead leaf from a wild tea bush nearby flew with the wind and fell into the water.

The water turned brown, and unnoticed by the servant, it was presented in the same way to Shennong. Shennong drank the mixture, found it interesting, and our beloved cha (tea) was born. While this is one angle, another source says that the servant did notice the change in water, but Shennong being an herbalist, thought it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Well, if this legend isn’t just a legend and did actually happen, we thank all the Gods who blew the best leaf in the world into the pot of boiling water that day! 🙂


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