I Like It Black”- Said Almost Every Tea Sipper!

I Like It Black”- Said Almost Every Tea Sipper!

For a fan, there’s no feeling more heavenly than sipping into the goodness of black tea. And for those who have been enjoying this flavourful drink living under a rock, let me tell you, black tea, just as its other sister teas is made from the leaves of the same shrub- Camellia sinensis.
While the world has been singing praises of the multitude benefits of green tea, let’s unleash the good, healthy world of black tea through this post. But, first, don’t you think it is only good sense to know this drink of taste and health a little bit more closely?

Where it was born, it is known as “red”!

Quite unsurprisingly, the first evidences of black tea date back to 1590 in China, where it came to be known as “red tea”- after the warm red hue it usually produces.

The drink of west

Although popularity of green tea is soaring all over the world, black tea still accounts for almost 90% of all tea sold in the west, where it is mainly enjoyed as iced tea.

Thanks to its everlasting flavour, it has also been used as an article of trade!

Green tea loses its flavour within a year, black, on the other hand, sustains the flavour for several years. In Tibet, Siberia, and Mongolia, compressed bricks of black tea were used in the form of de facto currency well into the 19th century!

Difference between black and other teas

Unlike green, oolong and white, black tea is derived from fully oxidized tea leaves. And hence, it is much stronger in flavour that its sister teas.

Top health benefits you can reap from each cup

Black tea prevents plaque formation, and also restricts the growth of bacteria that cause tooth decay and cavities, thereby maintaining complete oral health.

Thanks to phytochemicals present in it, regular black tea sippers have stronger bones and bear lower chances of developing arthritis than the rest.

According to a 2009 research paper by Arab L, individuals who drink 3 or more cups of black/green tea a day, bear 21% less chances of suffering a stroke than those who consume less than a cup every day.

It’s not surprising to know about the calming benefits of black tea. But, being a carrier of amino acid L-theanine, it also enhances concentration power in addition to relaxing your spirits.

Black tea is rich in antioxidants (polyphenols) that are different from ones obtained from fruits and veggies. These help block the DNA damage caused by tobacco and other toxins. Moreover, a diet rich in antioxidants is always the best way of leading a healthy lifestyle.

With benefits as amazing as these, who wouldn’t love to spend their afternoon sessions with a steaming cup of black tea? Some more super awesome benefits of this super awesome tea can be found on Lifehack.

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